Where to Bet on Hockey

When it comes to online hockey action not all sportsbooks are created equal. Different books will offer different odds on games, and the savvy basketball bettor knows to shop around the different books for the best price on the action. There is no one book that will always have the best odds, so joining numerous books is essential to gaining an all-important price edge.

When deciding on which books to join one should consider two things. First, the book should be trusted and reputable. Second, the book should be consistently offering hockey action. In our opinion these are the best books online to have a bankroll with for basketball action:

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Established in San Jose, Costa Rice in 1998, 5Dimes has been an industry leader for more than a decade. Known for their tremendous selection of lines, odds, variety of bets and a generous rewards program 5 Dimes has you covered for all your sports betting needs.

5 Dimes to put it simply gets all the small things right, the first time. If you’re looking for fast and reliable payouts go to 5 Dimes. Top notch 24/7 customer service? Go to 5 Dimes. How about the widest range of teaser and parlays available anywhere? Again, go to 5 Dimes.

One thing you won’t find is a lot of flash. But, that’s not a bad thing. 5 Dimes stays away from the gimmicks  and the bells and whistles on their web site because they don’t need them to attract and maintain customers. They pull in customers and keep them happy with top of the industry lines, aggressive bonuses and an easy to use system that any bettor no mater how technologically challenged can master.

Check out 5 Dimes latest bonuses and promotions to make getting your NHL betting experience started, quickly, easily and with some more bucks in your bankroll.

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At Sportsbook.com they’ve been pleasing hockey bettors for more than a decade with one of the best run sites in the industry. During that time they’ve offered great odds, made innovations and headlines both inside and outside the industry  and given their customers what they want when they want it.

If you’re an NHL bettor Sportsbook.com will offer you everything you’ll need. They have every kind of betting you could ask for, including moneyline, puckline, period lines, total, props,  and in-game live betting. Sportsbook.com also offer some of the most up-to-date NHL futures odds, so you know you’re getting the best line possible whenever you’re picking a Stanley cup winner.

Sportsbook.com also has earned the trust of their huge customer base with the history or smooth, fast, reliable payouts and one of the highest credit card processing rate in the industry. Signing up today is fast and painless and will get you a free$10 mobile bet. Once you try and love their mobile betting option you can place your bets anywhere, anytime.

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Sports Interaction was the first sportsbooks licensed and regulated North America and for more than 10 years they set a standard for the rest of the industry. Their already impeccable reputation has only gotten better over the last decade and they’re a gold mine for NHL bettors looking for first-class odds, props, customer service and bonuses.

Sport Interaction makes it a priority to keep their website cutting edge and that makes it not only nice to look at but also quick and easy to use from the word go. Their wagering platform has no learning curve and is as easy to use the first time as it is the 100th time your placing a bet.

Since Sports Intercation is regulated and watched over by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission you can be guaranteed that all you money and information and safe and all deposits and payouts will be quick, easy and reliable.

Check out the latest NHL futures, props and odds and the great bonuses at Sports Interaction to get your NHL betting started on the right foot.

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Bodog has quickly built it self up over the last decade to become one of the most recognizable brand names in the Sportsbetting industry. In doing so they offer a one-stop shop for all you online betting needs, especially for the avid NHL bettor.

At Bodog they offer great odds and props on every game, every night. They also go even further into the game offering live in-game betting they can make the Saturday night game even more exciting. The Bodog betting software is slick and easy to use and their betting tab has recently been updated making trolling the odds and making your picks even easier.

Bodog is known for their up-to-date an innovative props that always have the freshest odds. It doesn’t have to be on the ice to be on the odds list either, with futures on all the awards, the future of players and coaches getting odds all the time as well. If you’re looking for a reliable, safe and fun place to bet with a little bonus thrown in on top take your NHL betting needs on over to Bodog.