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Green Men Focus of Game 5 Cup Props

The Green Men and chicks flashing boobs have drawn as much excitement and attention in Vancouver as the Canucks run to the Cup final.

And while there are no ‘boob props’ tonight for Game 5 on the Stanley Cup odds menu, there are lines on what those Green Men will be up to.

The suited fans are often taunting visiting players in the penalty box, but if you think one of them might climb in, it’s a +2000 payoff (20/1 odds).

If you think one of the Bruin players might hit one of them, that’s a +500 line at Sports Interaction. And speaking of boobs, there is a ‘warddrobe malfunction’ line, if one of the Green Men go X-rated and shows some of their green private parts.

Check out the various Green Men lines and pocket a $125 bonus.

Green Men Game 5 Stanley Cup Odds Specials  
Event must be shown during live TV broadcast. Management decisions are final.
* Wardrobe malfunction’ is the accidental exposure of intimate parts.
•    Any Bruin player punches one of the Green Men   +500
•    Ejected from Arena for handstands against visitors penalty box   +600
•    Any Bruins player to ‘handstand’ the Green Men while in penalty box   +1000
•    Cam Neely ejected for fighting with Green Men   +1600
•    Green Man to have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’*   +1600
•    Green Man bites Bruins fan’s finger   +1800
•    Green Men co-host Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry   +2000
•    Glenn Healy broadcasts wearing a Green Man spandex suit   +2000
•    Green Men climb inside visitors penalty box   +2000